Sweet Briar College in Perpetuity by Kim Cool '62

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Armed with their Sweet Briar experiences, Sweet Briar College alumnae did what has never been done so decisively. They saved their college so other young women could benefit from what they experienced in the bucolic foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia --- a liberal arts education that prepared each and every one of them to do whatever they wanted, even to change careers one or more times. A Sweet Briar degree does not limit one to entry-level jobs touted recently by other schools and some politicians.

When President Stone took office on July 2, 2015, all that needed to be done to close the college was to turn out the lights. Instead, he and the alumnae enrolled 24 freshmen, rehired nearly 100 faculty who had been dismissed by the preceding board, watched alumnae return to clean and repair the campus so that Sweet Briar could reopen August 26, with fewer students than in many years but students who would carry this fine college onward for the second 114 years.

As word spread across the land that Sweet Briar was back in business with its engineering curriculum, internationally known riding program,  historic study abroad program and more, there were more transfers into Sweet Briar for the spring semester than ever in the past and, nearly 1,400 applications for the Class of 2020, which would enter in September 2016. This book honors the alumnae, faculty, parents and friends who saved Sweet Briar.

Kim Cool `62
Award-Winning Author and Journalist