Silk Scarf - Vixen Racer in Pink and Green

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Custom 100% silk scarves designed by our Alumna Andi Fraley, class of 1988.

The inspiration for this lush vixen and rose design is the Latin phrase Rosam quae meruit ferat, which translates to "she who earns the rose may bear it."  Featuring both a spirited racing and resting vixen reminding us of the need, while dashing about, to take time to smell the roses and find joy in life!

Imported from Italy, this classic silk twill scarf is made from a sensuous 14 mom 100% pure silk which offers depth of color and a luxurious surface sheen.  The hand rolled edging is a lovely finishing touch.

  • Made and Imported from Italy
  • 100% Silk 
  • 90 cm x 90cm 
  • Dry Clean Only