Tie Tac/Lapel Pin with Class Stone

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Gold prices have risen, and so will the cost of gold jewelry, effective April 1, 2020.

Choose your class stone in 10K or 14K Yellow or White Gold, or Sterling Silver. The black stone is Onyx. For Emerald/Jade (green), Sapphire/Lapis (blue) and Amethyst (purple), you can choose a synthetic or genuine stone.  Please allow a 6-8 week turnaround from placement of the order to receipt of the beautiful finished keepsake.

Additional information to help you understand pricing selections:

The base tac with Onyx or a synthetic stone in Sterling Silver is $188.00, $362.00 in 10K Yellow Gold, and $462.00 in 14K Yellow Gold, plus
  • $20.00 to upgrade Yellow Gold to White Gold
  • $20.00 for Genuine Jade
  • $90.00 for Genuine Lapis
  • $110.00 for Genuine Amethyst

Learn more about class colors by reading our blog post on this topic!