Tie Tac/Lapel Pin with Class Stone

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  • $ 196

Choose your class stone in 10K or 14K Yellow or White Gold, or Sterling Silver. The black stone is Onyx. For Emerald/Jade (green), Sapphire/Lapis (blue) and Amethyst (purple), you can choose a synthetic or genuine stone.  Allow 8-10 weeks.

Additional information to help you understand pricing selections:

The base tac with Onyx or a synthetic stone in Sterling Silver is $188.00, $362.00 in 10K Yellow Gold, and $462.00 in 14K Yellow Gold, plus
  • $20.00 to upgrade Yellow Gold to White Gold
  • $20.00 for Genuine Jade
  • $90.00 for Genuine Lapis
  • $110.00 for Genuine Amethyst

Learn more about class colors by reading our blog post on this topic!